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This is a simple calendar for 2010, with pictures I've taken near Bray, and some holidays, etc.. If something is underlined, it's a link to a related topic on Bray Forum.

If you want to print this out, go ahead! However, you might need to adjust your browser settings first, or otherwise your print-out might not include the green background colour of the weekends, and the monthly pictures! If you are using Internet Explorer, here's how you can simply adjust your browser settings:

Click on Tools, and then Internet Options (on your top toolbar). Then click on Advanced, and scroll down until you see Printing. Select the option to Print background colors and images, then click on Apply ... (Helpful picture)

Now your print-out will include all colours and pictures. If you want to adjust your browser settings back to normal, just follow the above instructions again, only this time Unselect that 'Print background colors and images' option.

Calendar Navigation:
You can access any month from this page, by clicking on the images on the left or - tadaa - these text links below:


On the calendar pages, there are little arrows on both sides of the month. Use the arrows to move from month to month. Left arrow goes to the previous month, and right arrow goes to the next month.

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